Wednesday, August 31, 2011

911 Controlled Demolition, and Nuclear Explosions? Meteorites From Molten Iron. NIST Denial

High temperatures. Tremendous US government cover up of how the towers pulverized.
NIST flat out lies.

13 critical steps that'll get our butts to Mars by the 2030s. Space Elevator is a smart thing.


There are various huge obstacles to overcome (finding a material strong enough to sustain such a structure, for one), but some experts are hopeful we will have a functioning space elevator by the middle of next decade

Is China Backing Away From Skipping Hybrids in Favor of Electric Vehicles?

China's ambitious goals for electrification of its automotive fleet call for 10 percent of the cars expected to be produced in 2015 to be EVs

Killing of China electric car? BYD.

... "testing of the company's BYD e6 all-electric sedan proceeded as scheduled and commercial introduction of the car was delayed only because it was decided late in the game to change the size of the passenger compartment in response to dealer feedback."

company has focused on production of electric fleet vehicles like its eBUS, responding to official emphasis on electrification of public transportation, rather on the more iffy consumer sector.

Just as GM hybrids, elctrics are very expensive ....
China's national government offers a subsidy for each EV bought of close to US $10,000, and the cities Beijing and Shenzhen another $10,000; Shanghai offers two thirds that--40,000 versus 60,000 remimbi. In addition, Beijing and Shanghai exempt EVs from restrictions on issuance of license plates.

Under the circumstances, it's hardly surprising that introduction of the e6, which sells for 300,000 remimbi, has been cautious.

NATO's Genocidal Rape of Libya | So is genocide mistaken Iraq occupation war.

by Stephen Lendman


Continuing NATO atrocities on Libyan civilians gave naked aggression a new name. 


Call it what it is: Lawless, Willful, Malevolent Genocidal Gang Rape, the new supreme international crime against peace ongoing at this time

911 is the end of the road for criminal wars enterprise complex.
1945 - 2011.

Iraqi civilian deaths: 1-3 million. Hell on earth.

Criminal Nato war crimes.

911Truth controlled demolition therefore inside false flag operation. Per irefutable scientific evidence, per common sense.

Forces behind 911 still uncovered, enabled, in charge of the world.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 :The Military's Pandora's Box. Sending electricity wireless. Disrupting communications, electronics, triggering earthquakes.

manipulating and disturbing human mental processes and health through pulsed radio-frequency radiation over large geographical areas

beaming electrical power from a powerhouse in the gas fields to the consumer without wires

one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period" ---- >same as beer.

this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the Earth's atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished by the prior art, particularly by detonation of nuclear devices of various yields at various altitudes

it is possible not only to interfere with third party communications but to take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network even though the rest of the world's communications are disrupted

large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction

weather modifications, molecular atmospheric modifications

the key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy

As early as 1970, Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted a "more controlled and directed society" would gradually appear, linked to technology. This society would be dominated by an elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific know-how. Angels Don't Play This HAARP further quotes Brzezinski:

"Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits," Brzezinski predicted.

The problem is that the frequency needed for earth-penetrating radiation is within the frequency range most cited for disruption of human mental functions. It may also have profound effects on migration patterns of fish and wild animals which rely on an undisturbed energy field to find their routes

weather effects over entire hemispheres.

The ionosphere is prone to catalytic reactions," she explained, "if a small part is changed, a major change in the ionosphere can happen."

Slicing the Ionosphere

Physicist Daniel Winter, Ph.D., of Waynesville, North Carolina, says, "HAARP high-frequency emissions can couple with longwave (extremely-low-frequency, or ELF) pulses the Earth grid uses to distribute information as vibrations to synchronize dances of life in the biosphere."

Dan terms this geomagnetic action 'Earth's information bloodstream,' and says it is likely that coupling of HAARP HF (high-frequency) with natural ELF can cause unplanned, unsuspected side effects.

Unless we desire the death of our planet, we must end the production of unstable particles which are generating the earth's fever.

A first priority to prevent this disaster would be to shut down all nuclear power plants and end the testing of atomic weapons, electronic warfare and 'Star Wars'."

technicians could control global weather by sending relatively small 'signals' into the Van Allen belts (radiation belts around Earth). Thus Tesla's resonance effects can control enormous energies by tiny triggering signals.

rainmaking technology was taken for a few test rides in Vietnam. The U.S. Department of Defense sampled lightning and hurricane manipulation studies in Project Skyfire and Project Stormfury.

And they looked at some complicated technologies that would give big effects.

Angels Don't Play This HAARP cites an expert who says the military studied both lasers and chemicals which they figured could damage the ozone layer over an enemy.

Looking at ways to cause earthquakes, as well as to detect them, was part of the project named Prime Argus, decades ago

40 Years of Zapping the Sky?

As far back as 1958, the chief White House advisor on weather modification, Captain Howard T. Orville, said the U.S. defense department was studying "ways to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather" by using an electronic beam to ionize or de-ionize the atmosphere over a given area.

use of weather manipulation, climate modification, polar ice cap melting or destabilization, ozone depletion techniques, earthquake engineering, ocean wave control and brain wave manipulation using the planet's energy fields.

He also said that these types of weapons would be developed and, when used, would be virtually undetectable by their victims.

leading-edge scientists are describing global weather as not only air pressure and thermal systems, but also as an electrical system

A point to remember is that the ionosphere is an active electrical shield protecting the planet from the constant bombardment of high-energy particles from space.

This conducting plasma, along with Earth's magnetic field, traps the electrical plasma of space and holds it back from going directly to the earth's surface

Angels Don't Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology is about the military's plan to manipulate that which belongs to the world -- the ionosphere.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Six numbers tell the story of US empire’s price in stark terms. Deficits, debt, military spending, income inequality.

federal deficits, gross debt, military spending, infrastructure investment, income inequality and now endemic joblessness:

  • Seen over a ten-year span, federal revenue has largely stayed constant, rising from $2.02 trillion in 2001 to $2.17 trillion in FY 2011. Expenditures, meanwhile, more than doubled from $1.85 trillion to $3.82 trillion producing a deficit this year of $1.65 trillion.
  • Over the same period, gross U.S. debt has ballooned to over $14 trillion (roughly 100% of GDP) with net debt standing today at $9 trillion (of which 50% is held by non-U.S. entities).
  • Defense expenditure over the same period has risen from approximately $300 billion in the year prior to 9/11 to $700 billion in FY 2011, and the figure is hundreds of billions higher if military spending outside the Defense Department is included. The total costs (estimated and very likely low-balled) of the Wars of 9/11 in Afghanistan and Iraq now stands at some $1.5 trillion, financed of course entirely by deficit spending.  The result is that the U.S. now spends more on its defense budget than all other countries combined.
  • The U.S., which once led the world in infrastructure development, now spends just 2.0% of GDP in such investments, as opposed to 5% in the EU and 9% in China. Of the 30 largest infrastructure projects globally, half are in developing economies and just five are in the U.S.  A single Chinese project (the $150 billion North-South water diversion plan) involves more than double in total investment ($65 billion) of all five current U.S. projects.
  • Looking at the U.S. gini coefficient, the most commonly used measure of inequality, no country in the developed world today has a greater gap between rich and poor.  U.S. inequality is currently at levels not seen since the first decade of the 20th century – and greater even than in 1929.
  • Finally, last week’s payroll report for July showed that nearly fourteen million Americans are now out of work, and more than six million of them have been jobless for more than six months. For more than two years, the unemployment rate has been close to or above nine per cent – and if you include those people who’ve given up looking for work it’s nearly double that.


If this is what global dominance looks like, who needs it?

Irene shuts down Northeast, but New York City spared


Hurricane Irene surged through New York City on Sunday flooding waterfronts and low-lying areas, but America's most populous city avoided the mass devastation some had feared

$7 billion damage, 18 dead.

It could have been worse.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dennis Kucinich: NATO Commanders Should Be Tried By International Criminal Court. Nato War crimes.


CIA had a hand in "fomenting a civil war

nato war crimes

'Before NATO intrusion, Libya was African Switzerland', NATO Crimes In Libya.

nato war crimes
1Million+ Libyan Civilians Protest Against NATO And Its Rebels Attacks 01 07 11 (1) In Libya

Steven Lendman:

Susan Lindauer, frm Cia. Prior knowledge of 911 attacks, Iraq invasion. Talked to McCain, Lott. Arrested for 1 year.

Susan Lindauer was a CIA/DIA asset and worked as a liason between the CIA and Iraq during the 1990′s up until after 9/11/2001.

She talks about the Bush administration wanting to go to war with Iraq right after they took office.

Then she talks about prior knowledge of plans of terrorists flying planes into the World Trade Center.

She contacted Senators John McCain and Trent Lott with her knowledge of the attacks and prior knowledge.

Within 30 days of doing that she was arrested by the FBI and charged with many felonies under the Patriot Act.

She served one year in prison and the government tried very hard to force medicate her but some doctors kept saying she was completely sane/fine.

She was released after a year in prison and under indictment for 5 years.

She tried to present her story to major news outlets and none of them would touch it.

Most of the information she discusses has been confirmed by several other sources including the World Trade Center being rigged with thermate explosives.

Susan Lindauer discusses the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, the hijackers, lies leading up to the Iraq war etc.


>>>Wake up America. Man up America.

Over 200 Africans: NATO's Libyan War Part Of Plan To Recolonize Continent. Criminal Nato violates international law


A group of African intellectuals has written an open letter criticising the NATO-led military attacks on Libya, saying Africa ran the risk of being re-colonised.

"Nato has violated international law... they had a regime change agenda," said one of the signatories, University of Johannesburg head of politics, Chris Landsberg.

"The re-colonisation of Africa is becoming a real threat," he told reporters in Johannesburg.

Rogue states
Landsberg said Britain, France and United States "continue to act as a rogue states".

"A rogue is an errant state that does not live by rules... the tragedy is that they are not likely to be charged in the International Criminal Court."

The Security Council also "repudiated the rule of international law" by ignoring the role of legitimate regional institutions in solving conflict.

2011 CTS-V Luxury Sedan | Cadillac

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Sports Sedan Black Diamond Special Edition

2011 CTS-V Luxury Sedan | Cadillac

0-60 in 3.9 s, 556 hp

U.S. Cities Criminalize Homelessness, Violate Human Rights. Poverty, Unemployment of War Empire..

The challenges poor and homeless Americans often face accessing clean drinking water and restroom facilities violate international human rights standards, according to a report issued by a United Nations investigator this month.

Catarina de Albuquerque, a U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation, visited the United States in late February at the invitation of the U.S. government.
She found homeless individuals around the country not only struggle to access running water and restroom facilities but increasingly face criminal and civil sanctions when they improvise solutions.

The right to safe drinking water and restroom facilities is a part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The U.N. report's findings detail just a few of the ways that U.S. cities and counties are failing to meet these obligations because of how they opt to deal with homelessness, said Eric Tars, human rights program director at the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty.

The most recent federal homeless count data available is from January 2010. It shows there were 700,000 individuals in the U.S. who were homeless. The Department of Housing and Urban Development report found that homelessness grew very little between 2009 and 2010. But the share of families who lack a place to sleep continued the rapid expansion that began during the recession. Between 2007 and 2010, the number of homeless families grew by 20 percent.

The nation's elevated unemployment rate and the large number of foreclosures have increased demand just as municipal and state budget problems have led to a reduction in services available to the poor and homeless. As a result, many communities -- in particular suburban communities where services for the homeless are often nonexistent -- are confronting an increasingly visible homeless population forced to sleep in city parks or take up residence in one of a growing number of tent cities, Tars said.

Some cities have begun to regulate tent cities issuing temporary permits that allow churches or other organizations to host the homeless for few months. But in many more cities, developers, business district boosters and city councils have clashed with the homeless, encouraging police to issue more frequent tickets for violations such as sleeping in public, loitering, littering or public urination and defecation, Tars said.

This year, in Sacramento, Calif., city efforts to discourage homeless individuals and families from taking shelter in a growing tent city have included shutting off the water supply to nearby a fountain and locking or removing public restroom facilities, he said. A spokesperson for the city of Sacramento did not immediately return request for comment Friday.

In 2009, Sacramento drew national attention when the "Oprah Winfrey Show" aired a segment describing the number of newly homeless people moving into that city's homeless encampments, said Amy Williams, spokeswoman for the city manager's office. But the city has not had problems with homeless individuals misusing public facilities and has not shuttered restrooms of cut water to fountains, she said. In 2009, Sacramento did temporarily close its park restrooms because of a budget problem. At that time, at least one city park's restrooms were not reopened due to community complaints about the homeless, the Sacramento Press reported.

In 2009, a Gainesville, Fla., a developer convinced the city to begin enforcing a nearly 20-year-old ordinance barring some social service agencies from distributing more than 130 meals per day. For two years, one downtown shelter was forced to turn homeless individuals away from its soup kitchen line. The city changed the policy this month to allow soup kitchens to serve an unlimited number of meals during a limited number of hours each day.

In 2007 Los Angeles began an initiative to reduce crime downtown, leading police to issue thousands of citations to homeless individuals for things such as flicking the ash from a cigarette onto the sidewalk (cited as littering) to urinating or drinking in public, said Tars. Those citations have been overwhelmingly issued to poor and homeless black people, he said. When downtown art gallery crawls bring to the area upper-income city residents who frequently walk from one gallery to another with full wine glasses in hand, police do not take action, he said.

In 2009, the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty issued a study of the crackdown and others like it around the country that named Los Angeles the No. 1 "meanest city" for its treatment of the homeless. A spokesman for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called the report "short-sighted and misleading" at the time, Reuters reported.

"Rather than doing good things like providing more housing, more shelter, more assistance, cities are using these measures to push problems out of view," said Tars.

Tars said the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty is planning a series of cases to challenge ordinances that criminalize activities -- such as using the restroom, sleeping or accessing water -- that can not be avoided or handled in private if a person is homeless.

"What this [U.N.] report will allow us to do is go into court and argue that these laws violate international standards and amount to what a U.N. investigator said was cruel and unusual punishment," Tars said.

This article has been updated to include comment from the Sacramento City Manager's Office.



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No access of people to drinking water and restrooms in the United States of America is a violation of human rights.

The colonial aggressions of USA abroad are creating the same the very same violations - genocide in Iraq, 1.5 million civilians dead, occupation of Afghanistan, Libya.

Price? $3-4 trillion.

Homelessness in itself is a violation of human rights.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Bionic Human Circa 2011. Bionic arm, leg, knee. Mind controlled.


mind-controlled robotic arm.

Traces of tritiated water detected at World Trade Center. Inside operation.

A False Flag for War: 09/11/2001. Massive Right Wing Conspiracy.

self-inflicted, false-flag terror attacks in the United States, and blaming them on a foreign enemy

Many states have sponsored attacks on their own people, fabricated the cause for war, created their own enemies of convenience, and sacrificed their own citizens for reasons of state. The Nazis masterminded the torching of the Reichstag - the German Parliament buildings - on February 27th, 1933, one week before a national election.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, a plane was hijacked, and the FAA was notified at 8:15AM, 32 minutes before it crashes into the WTC.
Even though the cockpit transponders were cut off there is a mediating control. The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) "provides our nation its eyes and ears in space." It operates a system of reconnaissance satellites to provide real-time monitoring of objects in the skies.

On the morning of 9/11/01 the NRO headquarters in Chantilly, VA, were evacuated as part of a "plane into building" drill.

The scenario involved a small corporate jet crashing into one of the campus' four towers.

Other exercises were going on the morning of the attack. A large-scale military training exercise called Global Guardian was in full swing.

Global Guardian is an annual exercise involving Stratcom (the US Strategic Command), the US Space Command, and NORAD, in which a threat to North American airspace is simulated. Stratcom directed the exercise from Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, where our President landed Air Force One late in the afternoon of 9/11.

Another military exercise scheduled for the morning of September 11 was Northern Vigilance which had pulled a significant number of North American fighter aircraft into Canada, Western and Northern Alaska in a 'mock Cold War hijack' exercise.

Another drill, "Vigilant Guardian" was a hijack exercise involving the insertion of false radar blips onto radar screens in the Northeast Air Defense Sector command post.

In addition, General Richard Myers tells of "Vigilant Warrior", which was a live-fly hijack drill being conducted on the morning of 911.

With only eight remaining fighter aircraft in the Northeast sector, and they had to be dispatched in pairs, they were dealing with a confirmed 22 blips on the radar screen indicating possible hijacks and they couldn't separate the war game exercises from the actual hijacks.

In June, 2001 Dick Cheney initiated new instructions for military intervention in the case of a hijacking. These new instructions state that, for all responses, the Department of Defense must get permission directly from Donald Rumsfield, the Secretary of Defense.

One of the chief tools used by government insiders planning false flag terrorist attacks is staging exercises or drills at the exact same time and place as the actual event.

The London train bombings of July 7, 2005, and the Madrid train bombings of March 11, 2004 were identical in their planning and implementation.

In each, an anti-terrorist exercise was created whereby trains were possibly going to be blown up with bombs. On the exact same day, at the exact same time that the anti-terrorist drill took place, actual bombs blew up.

Each of the accused bombers in Madrid had links to the head of the bomb squad of the Spanish Security Services.

NATO's Libya War: A Nuremberg Level Crime.>well so is Iraq, Afghanistan. Oil for war. Why? Because we can. Right?

US/UK/French-led war on Libya will be remembered as one of history's greatest crimes. It  violates the letter and spirit of international law and America's Constitution.

Nuremberg war crimes trials:
"The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant, and so devastating, that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated."

aggressive war "the greatest menace of our times."

International law defines crimes against peace as "planning, preparation, initiation, or waging of wars of aggression, or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing."

All US post-WW II wars fall under this definition.

Since then, America waged direct and proxy premeditated, aggressive wars worldwide, killing millions in East and Central Asia, North and other parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, as well as Central and South America.

Arguably they exceed the worst of Nazi and imperial Japanese crimes combined, including genocide, torture mass destruction of nonmilitary related sites, colonization, occupation, plunder and exploitation.

US war criminals are considered hostis humani generis - enemies of mankind. War crimes are against the jus gentium - the law of nations.

Established international law addressed them, including the UN Charter. It's unequivocal explaining under what conditions violence and coercion (by one state against another) are justified.

Genocide, other forms of mass murder, targeted and indiscriminate destruction, and other crimes of war and against humanity are too intolerable to go unpunished.

unspeakable war crimes are being committed to "protect the people of Libya." Included are civilians being terror bombed daily, to break their morale, cause panic, weaken their will to resist, and inflict mass casualties and punishment.

Nonetheless, America and its conspiratorial allies commit them - today, horrifically against Libya, a small nonbelligerent country being terrorized, destroyed, and plundered lawlessly in the name of "liberation."

Stephen Lendman

full article at:


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jesse Ventura: 911 is False Flag Inside Operation, Fox TV. For money, for wars. Ticket Paul/Ventura for President?

911 is proven to be controlled demolition therefore inside false flag operation.

What the Hell Were They Thinking? We Need New Polygraph Investigation, New York National 9/11 Truth Trials Commission.


The sheer vulnerability of 911 WTC controleld demolition and Pentagon attack, demolishing 3 towers in front of the eyes of the whole world to see, opens a whole set of possible explanations as to "what the hell were they thinking?" ....

1. they did not care and do not care. they have weapons and means now to perpetuate their control forever. ....

2. they thought it would not be discovered, being such a big lie ....

3. it just got out of control, out of hand, originally mild operation exploded into unintended dimensions ......

4. they just needed it, and lets deal with any fallout on the go ....

5. 911 controlled demolition really is just a first shot. probably ww iii conflict, eternal, if necessary. its a good money. .... world control. ... who cares?

US elections are non binding, Russia doesnt want or cant oppose to restore the rule of law, everybody else is a joke ....

so, lets overcharge that gas by 100% .. its a good money, private taxes of herded sheep - the world population. .....

do we need people at all?? by now, robots are working for corporations. no need for medical care or education. better profits ....

so what with those pesky human beings, demanding jobs, and money from corporate darlings?? ...

lets lead them to wars. to homelessness .. to poverty. good control.

lets keep in mind that Oklahoma 4/19/95 and London 7/7/05 are also inside operations, and somebody needed to set explosive hight tech military nanothermite in all 3 WTC towers.

What does that tell us?

That we need independent lie detector investigation of all highest officials o the time.

Questions to ask 1. Are you aware that 911 is controlled demolition? If so, when and how have you learned? 2. What was your reaction or what was the situation you leanrned under?
If you are not aware, read, >back to step 1.

Hurricane Irene: Major NE Threat. Cia controlling this? Haarp sure could, but impossible to tell if so.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011




Colonel Bowman, an Air Force combat pilot and Vietnam veteran cuts through “the bull.”

Some people don’t like facts. Some people don’t like truth. Some people don’t have honor.

Without courage, without facts, without truth and without action, anyone who believes themselves an American patriot is very much the opposite.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

U.S. Geological Survey warnes: although DC initial quake was brief, it might have been a foreshock, meaning the worst may yet to come.

Earthquakes are no longer just natural occurring phenomenas.  A U.S. military ionosphere heater called HAARP is now capable of triggering earthquakes anywhere in the World

An earthquake has never been felt in Washington DC before.

The unheard of occurred in Washington DC this afternoon August 23, 2011. A shallow 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook Washington DC this afternoon. The epicenter was 84 miles SW of Washington DC.

Early in the day another shallow 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook Denver Colorado. Both earthquakes occurred just south of key U.S. government centers.

Washington DC is obvious and Denver is now home to the CIA domestic operations which is responsible for operations and recruitment in the United States. The CIA recently moved there from the CIA’s Langley Virginia headquarters.

Putin: Who gave NATO right to kill Gaddafi? >Strangley, it was Russia who gave UN permission for this latest Nato crime.

Nato another criminal colonial assault aggression war on independent country.

Russia could stop nato war crimes world wide, but they are too naive, or already bought ... Russia could bomb West just like West bombs Libya, anytime

nato criminal plan to occupy libya

warning: graphic nato war, killing people, killing children

East Coast: Highly Unusual 5.8 Earthquake Hits Nation's Capital, Felt In New York, Canada. US under Haarp attack?

Parts of the Pentagon, White House and Capitol were evacuated. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Haarp attack artificial remote earthquake? Or Heavens punishment for war crimes killing in Iraq and Libya?

Strong East Coast quake highly unusual...

Felt from Toronto to Atlanta...
Epicenter VA...
Felt In Chicago...
Airports Close...
Nuke Plant Shuts Down...
Vacant White House Shakes...

Stones fall off National Cathedral...


Shaking has been reported as far north as New York. Reports of shaking have also been coming in from the New England area. According to the USGS, a magnitude 5.5 Eastern US earthquake can typically be felt as far as 300 miles away.

A strong earthquake rattled the East Coast on Tuesday, sending tremors as far as Canada, damaging well-known buildings in the nation's capital and sending scared office workers into the streets.

It was the largest quake in Virginia since 1897 and struck at a shallow depth, increasing its potency.

In addition to the Virginia earthquake, there were nine tremors in the area immediately around Cokedale, Colorado, near the border of New Mexico.

"Today we had two significant earthquakes shake large portions of the country," said David Wald, a geophysicist with the USGS.

"The Western earthquake, magnitude 5.3, within the last 24 hours, shook roughly four western states, primarily Colorado and New Mexico, but also parts of Kansas, Oklahoma as well as Texas -- large states, but probably experienced by tens of thousands of people," he said.


As if a rare strong earthquake were not enough, the East Coast was also on alert for powerful Hurricane Irene which was heading up from the Caribbean and could hit at the weekend.

The quake made chandeliers sway in the U.S. Capitol and the floor of the U.S. Senate shook before staff headed for the exits. Some minor damage could be seen in the rotunda, under the dome of the Capitol.

Bits of paint and plaster fell from high on the walls and chunks of plaster fell from above a doorway in the Capitol's Statuary Hall. The U.S. Congress is in recess so most members were away.

The earthquake came less than three weeks before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, and in both Washington and New York it immediately triggered fears of something more sinister than a natural disaster.

At the Pentagon, a low rumbling built until the building itself was shaking, and people ran into the corridors of the complex. The shaking continued there, to shouts of "Evacuate! Evacuate!"

More than 12 million people live close enough to the quake's epicenter to have felt shaking, according to the Geological Survey. The agency said put the quake in its yellow alert category, meaning there was potential for local damage but relatively little economic damage.

The USGS said the quake was 3.7 miles beneath the surface, but scientists said they may never be able to map the exact fault.

Aftershocks may help to outline it, said Rowena Lohman, a seismologist at Cornell University. There were at least two aftershocks, magnitudes 2.2 and 2.8.

ROUBINI: Capitalism Has Hit A Crisis Point, Global Unrest Will Spread... War crimes, robberies, overpricing.

beyond predicting catastrophic economic downturns. Now, he's saying that capitalism itself is threatened.

Recent popular demonstrations, from the Middle East to Israel to the UK, are all driven by the same issues and tensions: growing inequality, poverty, unemployment, and hopelessness...
Even the world’s middle classes are feeling the squeeze of falling incomes and opportunities."

capitalism is undergoing a crisis that Karl Marx predicted a century ago, driven by an ongoing transfer of wealth and power from labor to capital (in other words, from poor and middle-class people to rich people.)

normally, capitalism woud start a war now, somewhere ... and that is also happening with colonization of oil Arab countries by Nato/US

Gigantic 6 GW 350 miles US Atlantic Coast Wind farm to go online 2016.

monstrous off-shore wind farm “backbone” along the United States’ Atlantic coastline. Reaching from New Jersey to Virginia, the project will stretch across 350 miles of the continent’s eastern coast.

Once built and connected to the grid, the wind turbines will produce more than 6,000 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. That’s about 60 percent of the wind energy that was installed in the entire country last year.

Atlantic Wind Connection

To put it into perspective, a typical North American nuclear power plant pumps out about 500 to 1,300 MW.

The plan is to collect the power of multiple off-shore wind farms, 10 to 15 miles from the coast, and deliver it by underwater cables to the strongest, highest-capacity parts of the land-based transmission system.

enough energy to power approximately 1.9 million homes.

5 Reasons >wild<Capitalism Has Failed

global economy is splintering. U.S. voters hate all politicians and there's political unrest throughout the world. The root cause of this turmoil is the failure of the dominant economic paradigm -- global corporate capitalism.

Many large corporations pay no U.S. income tax at all; in 2009, Exxon Mobil actually got a $156 M rebate

The modern world is ruled by >publicly unelected and unelectable

global corporations disdain civil society. They've created a culture of organizational narcissism, where workers pledge allegiance to the enterprise.
>its the mafia families like situation

Corporate executives don't care about the success or failure of any particular country, only the growth and profitability of their global corporation.

oil war military complex cartel is overcharging US consumers about 100% on gas prices.
its practically heavy hidden private taxes.

In many parts of the world, a worker is not able to earn a living wage, have a bank account or drive a car, but can always obtain drugs, sex, and weapons

The good news is we're witnessing the failure of global corporate capitalism. The bad news is we don't know what will replace it

>>> the answer is in responsible capitalism with human face, socially just, non violent.
the sort that the most prosperous countries established, like Germany, Japan, France

American rogue capitalism can produce so much, unfortunately, it doesnt know how to distribute it throughout the population, other than to give 90% of the wealth to he 1% of the top capos.

Monday, August 22, 2011

NATO's Eastward Expansion: West Broke Its Promise to Moscow of Not to Move Eastward.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has accused the West of breaking promises made after the fall of the Iron Curtain, saying that NATO's expansion into Eastern Europe violated commitments made during the negotiations over German reunification.

Newly discovered documents from Western archives support the Russian position.

Of course there was a promise not to expand NATO "as much as a thumb's width further to the East," Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet president at the time, says in Moscow today.

The Gorbachev Files: Secret Papers Reveal Truth Behind Soviet Union Collapse.


Too quick changes, sudden disintegration of Soviet Union meant a great tragedy for milions of people cast into mafia chaos, poverty, crime and no future.

Collapse upset the strategic balance of power in the world, setting up the stage for western military invasions and violent colonizations of many Arab oil countries.

NATO's Eastward Expansion: Did the West Break Its Promise to Moscow? (11/26/2009),1518,663315,00.html

'Tito, We Miss You': Young Kosovars Lose Patience with Western Foreign Helpers

Frustrated young people accuse the many UN and EU officials in the country of stifling development, and consider their prime minister to be a puppet of the Americans

Conquer, and impoverish! Kosovo is the poorest country in Europe.

Americans are running the show in the capital Pristina. The US Embassy there is in the process of expanding its territory, which already resembles a small city district.

Prime Minister Thaçi a "thief who is stealing from his own people," that enjoys the protection of the "US colonial power," because he is "Washington's vicarious agent."

Capitalism conquest: our politicians are rich. The higher the unemployment in the general population, the bigger their cars and the fatter their bank accounts.

this is valid everywhere where the plague of wild capitalism spreads.

The UN, does little more than eat up its own funds in Kosovo, which it then describes as "nation-building." Some 3,600 non-governmental organizations are registered in a territory about the size of Jamaica

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hell on Earth. A War Crime. Genocide of a Nation. US Occupation of Iraq. Dr. Dahlia Wasfi.

Millions dead, country in ruins, poverty, violence everywhere.

and Afghanistan
and Libya
and .....

$3-4 trillions spent.

Military occupations are always wrong.
War is a state terror.

Trash Editorial: Prosperity Plan for America. Lets do something. Lets fight for our interests. No more brainwash propaganda.

Trash Trashed
My third and final interview with Barack Obama! He still just hasn't got the right answers! Lol Trash

Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: 'Unspeakable' Reality 'Will Impact All Of Humanity'. CBS 60 minutes

Check out this website I found at

Was the 3-11-11 Japan earthquake remotely set off? The technology - HAARP - is here and available.

Foundations of Critical Thinking Facebook Group,

CBS 60 minutes TV.

it is also alleged that American bombing of countries with depleted uranium DU will affect with its radioactivity the whole humankind, and will last for hundreds of thousand of years.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

9-11 Reclaiming the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future. Important info.


Join us on this ten-year anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11 as we explore the truth of this traumatic event and what it means.

As we mourn our losses, we seek to honor the dead and dying by fearlessly understanding 9/11 as a crime.

Through film, the spoken word, music, art, revolutionary comedy, action, and dialogue--and in solidarity with events in Toronto, Seattle, and New York--we will gather to share stories, insights, research and feelings about that day, the forgotten history that led up to it, and the decade that followed.

Those brave enough to seek, find, and champion the truth about 9/11 have encountered enormous obstacles and resistance.

The official story of what happened on 9/11, which has been used to justify endless war abroad and restriction of freedoms at home, has been accepted by a majority of the American people only because there has been a massive cover-up of what really happened on that day.

The Battle of Story is greater than the Story of Battle.

Will reason, love, and concern triumph over panic, fear and despair?

Will we end war, or will war end humanity?

Is there an alternative to the fusion of corporate and government power that trumps local, regional and national sovereignty and threatens every facet of our lives?

Join us as we explore such questions, as well as the myths and realities that surround this watershed moment in our history.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Capitalist sicknes of extreme wealth concentrations. Not democractic. Plutooligarchy.

In our now post-industrial age that has turned people into disposable assets, mere tools at the service of capital, it is breathtakingly hopeful to experience business that chooses to honor the essence of humanity over the accumulation of wealth in service of capital.

rich keep getting richer to the astounding point that America now ranks as a less equal country than Egypt and Tunisia.

According to the CIA's World Fact Book, which ranks countries in terms of how "equally" wealth is distributed, the US is the 42nd most unequal country in the world

in Great Britain, one million people from the ages of 16 to 24 are officially unemployed, the most since the deep recession of the mid-1980s

Libya Nato war crime: colonial criminal assault. Same as Iraq genocide, Afghanistan.

70% Italian men never used oven, 95% never used washing machine. Fine lovers, or backward idiots?

76% of Italian housewives are dissatisfied with their lives, reports Sky News.

The number compares with 51% in the UK, 53% in Germany, 57% in France and 63% in Spain.

Italian lover, or a neaderthal??

capitalism treats woman as an object. ....... subjects her and teaches her violence, as from violent culture males.

now they are conquering violently Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cut that crazy $1 trillion a year US war budget in half!! Costs breakdown.

Brits Given 4 Years In Prison For Attempting To Incite Riots On Facebook. CRISIS OF WILD ROBBER WAR CAPITALISM


no riots took place, by authors of calls for flash mob riots were sentenced to 4 years in prison anyway.

>>this is wrong.
so is wrong high youth unempoyment, poverty, marginalization. Somebody should be arrested ONLY after something actually happens, and simply calling for riots normally should not be prosecuted - those who demonostrate illegally should - unless its a police state or medieval-like society in deep decline.

MONEY FOR RICH ONLY, FOR WARS, poverty for everybody else.

Not gonna work. Not working.


U.A.E. Slaps Severe Limits on Web Social Networking. 10 years prison for "spreading rumors". No to free speech.


Sheiks are against democracy, against revolution. Arrogance of rich and powerful.

director of organized crime-combating unit of Dubai Police, Abdul Rahim Shafei, told local media that law enforcement agencies will deal strictly with people who use social media forums or technologies to spread "baseless rumors" and hurl insults at the members of the royal family or senior bureaucrats.

Chilean Student Movement Leads Uprising For Transformation of the Country Education System. Photo essay.


Twenty students from secondary schools are currently on hunger strike and are willing to forego academic year, even die for the cause.

Free Education!
Weeks of demonstrations and strikes by Chilean students came to a head August 9, 2011, as an estimated 100,000 people poured into the streets of Santiago.

Joined by professors and educators, they were demanding a free education for all, from the primary school level to the university.

In the riotous confrontations that took place between bands of youth and the police, tear gas canisters were fired into the crowds, and 273 people were arrested.

Later on, in the cool winter evening, the deafening noise of people banging on their pots and pans in support of the students could be heard throughout Santiago, the country's capital city of six million.

Under the 17-year dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, much of Chile's educational system was privatized, and even after he left power in 1990, private education continued to prevail.
Today, 70 percent of university students attend private institutions.

Forty-two social organizations grouped together under the banner “Democracy for Chile” have rallied to back the student movement.

Their manifesto proclaims: “The economic, social and political system is in a profound crisis that has compelled the communities to mobilize …

An unprecedented and historic movement of citizens is questioning the bases of the economic and political order that were imposed in 1980” by the Pinochet constitution.

PlanetSolar: World's Largest Solar Powered Electric Boat. Green Designs Will Save the World


50 passengers, 15 mph, big lithium battery for 3 cloudy days,

Shipping industry alone is responsible for 4.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations.

Killing 200mpg electric car Aptera. Production just cant go, nobody knows why. There is interest, but oil industry will kill this disruption techology. Its a war.


we need to sell trillions of dollars of overpriced oil and coal.
we the monopoly cartels.
we rule your world.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 Anniversary Project. Action Plan, Get Involved. 911Truth Controlled Demolition.

  1. Destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration
  2. Improbable symmetry of debris distribution
  3. Extremely rapid onset of destruction
  4. Over 100 first responders reported explosions and flashes
  5. Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally
  6. Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking
  7. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds
  8. 1200-foot-diameter debris field: no "pancaked" floors found
  9. Isolated explosive ejections 20–40 stories below demolition front
  10. Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame
  11. Several tons of molten metal found under all 3 high-rises
  12. Evidence of thermite incendiaries found by FEMA in steel samples
  13. Evidence of explosives found in dust samples

And exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire:

  1. Slow onset with large visible deformations
  2. Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, intact, from the point of plane impact, to the side most damaged by the fires)
  3. Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel
  4. High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer-lasting fires have never collapsed.

1.Letters seeking appointments with local legal/law enforcement professionals in August and September

2.At local courthouses on September 8, "daytime vigils" with optional press conferences.

3.Premiere screenings of "9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out," Sept 7-11 in local communities nationwide

4.In-person presentations in your local Congressional offices

please sign petition for a new investigation.

Monday, August 15, 2011

W.Wilson Great Quote: Government by opinion and duress of small group of dominant men

all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world

Great Quotes

‎"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country.

A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated.

The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.

We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

~ Woodrow Wilson (The 28th President of the United States, from 1913 to 1921)

By: Earth. We are one.

Escalating Israeli Street Protests. Huge 250 000 demonstrations, 11 cities involved. Poverty, unemployment.

small protests became huge ones nationwide in 11 cities. More on the largest ones below.

At issue are the following grievances:

(1) Along with America and Britain, Israel has the greatest wealth disparity and social inequality among developed nations, causing unemployment, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and eroding benefits.

(2) Unaffordable housing, creating an intolerable burden for growing numbers being priced out of a place to live.

(3) High food and energy prices.

(4) Low wages and eroding social benefits.


crisis of wild war capitalism feudalism

Answers in Absolute for "Why 9/11?". Because it's a high crime, its wrong, its dangerous. Its a monster attack on humanity. A world war.


Why 9/11? Because “they” claim that’s what gives them the right to override our Constitution and all other laws guaranteeing our liberties and privacy.

Why 9/11? Because that’s what “they” claim as justification for every one of our many wars.

Why 9/11? Because that’s what “they” say is the reason for us having to be violated, humiliated, groped and fondled for the “privilege” of travel.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

5 Republican election fraud & treason. Of course A. Gore won. Republicans Destroying America.

Republican policies gravely damaging the country. Industries exported. Middle class shredded.

GW Bush was twice never elected.

911 Cell Phone Calls are fake. Could not have taken place. No technology then.

Caspian oil gas fields worth $11-12 trillion. Here is reason to be there, take out Taliban. 911 inside job.

Kaspian oil gas fields worth $ 11 -12 trillion. Here is a reason to take out Taliban, which opposed a pipeline to get the stuff to sea.

watch from 2:19

business wars for oil trillions Take Action NOW to Expose the 9/11 Cover-Up and End War!

Join us in action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice!


1,000,000+ Citizens for Independent Investigation of Sept.11th, 2001. Please join Facebook groups.

Cheri Roberts posted in 1,000,000+ Citizens for an Independent Investigation of Sept.11th, 2001.

a few seconds ago

Please join Facebook group 1 000 000 Citizen for an Independent Investigation of Sept. 11, 2001, if you wish for this investigation to happen.

Similar, please join Facebook group 1 000 000 People for 9/11 Truth if you want to support and understand the fact that 9/11 is a controlled demolition therefore inside false flag operation.


Foundations of Critical Thinking Facebook group

Check out this website I found at

US plans, and is doing, an eternal war ... an enemy must be found, or will be created ..

why? because war is a lot of money ... tax money to war contractors ... in fact, trillions to keep world at war ......... ///

now a way to attack China goes through stirring a nuclear conflict btw Koreas ... its that simple .....

the whole Asia there will become radioactive ... easy crime

11 Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories. >But there is scientific evidence by now.

towers were in fact blown down with explosives placed in selected locations

would a video in the middle of the post, showing opened paper book, a computer, unsinged, at Pentagon impact site, blow your mind?

also cell phone could not work in planes, at that height, at that time.

The 911Truth. Military Money Crime Cover Up. Big Time. All Dark Inside Conspiracy Operation.


video analysis. how was this atrocity done?

Wake up.

Nothing EVER could have hit Pentagon, the best protected building in the world. NOTHING.

Other than huge conspiracy inside operation.

Cover up the lost $2.3 trillion Pentagon money lost.

on usmessageboard

murderous government

Friday, August 12, 2011

911Truth Movement Early On. Carol Brouillet, First to speak out and organize for Truth.

In the Fall of 2002, the first "Bush Did It!" marches, rallies, forums were held in San Francisco and Oakland California

On June 10th, 2002, held a press conference in Washington D.C. raising eleven key questions about September 11th.

C-Span cancelled their coverage of the Press Conference at the last minute; the mainstream press tried to ignore it; and the Bush Administration pulled Padilla out of his cell and tried to make a big hoopla over “new evidence of a terrorist threat.”

San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11 which brought together researchers, writers, publishers, activists, giving birth to the 9/11 Truth Movement (As well as and a series of citizen led inquiries in Toronto, New York , DC , Chicago , Los Angeles , Vancouver , as well as in other countries.

As of September 2007, we have helped nurture the 9/11 Truth Movement, published and distributed over 7,000,000 Deception Dollars, helped with innumerable conferences, actions, rallies, protests, educational forums, the distribution of films and getting documentaries on community access stations throughout the U.S. via .

Present US hellscare overcharged waste system is population suppression and control tool. Very expensive and wrong.

The health care system in the United States is so broken that it probably cannot be repaired.  The entire thing needs to be dismantled and completely reinvented.

50 U.S. Health Care Statistics That Will Absolutely Astonish You
medical extermination system

We need universal public private single payer system. It will bemuch cheaper, and not med-fascist like the present post slavery hellscare patchwork.

Brain Controlled Devices: 10 Gadgets you can control with your brain waves only. More coming soon.


reading the brain machine langauge. control directly brain to robot/machine/computer.
its coming fast, just as immortality and invisibility.

what else do we need? beer? ooplah! .. here it is :]]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

No way! This video by decorated frm US Army scientist posted as public comment on!

Dr. Bob Bowman (Aeronautical and Nuclear Engineer) - 9/11 Explosive Evidence - Experts speak out

we have been lied to.
911 is controlled demolition. per irrefutable scientific evidence.

911 WTC in official propaganda, fairly informative hit piece, my comments bellow, CENSORED, as always.

Explosives brought down the World Trade Center, not hijacked jetliners.

this my comment censored :] :/

‎9/// is proven to be controlled demolition, scientifically and irrefutably. We need new investigation.

Buildings cannot fall with close to free fall speeds, uniformly crushing unto themselves, through the path of highest resistance.

Not a physics of planet Earth.

watch these video, please:
911 Mysteries:​ch?v=oQLCYR9iROs​​ries-full-length-911-no...

Dr. Bowman:​ch?v=x_4X8OVL5vo​​-dr-bob-bowman-decorate...

judge for yourself.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Robert Ettinger, the father of cryonics, is gone – for now. At 92. His body will be frozen.

The freezing process itself is relatively simple. As soon after death as possible, the patient’s body is gradually cooled over a five-day period until it reaches the same temperature as liquid nitrogen, -330F (-200C). The blood is replaced with a cryoprotectant fluid, which aims to prevent the formation of ice crystals that damage tissue during the cooling process. The bodies are then immersed in liquid nitrogen and stored upside down, so that if there is ever any leakage it affects the feet first and not the brain.

the basic procedure can be carried out for as little as $28,000 (£17,000), and funded inexpensively by paying into a life insurance policy. His institute had more than 700 people signed up to be future patients.

One of the slogans the company’s marketeers use is: “Save your ass, not your assets.”

“The cycle of generations comforts some, but this cycle will end, probably in this century. Babies born today may never die, at least of natural causes.” A brave new world indeed

NASA Hiding Approaching Doomsday Space Event. Interstellar Energy Belt we are entering will cause huge solar flares.

NASA and the European Space Agency have been warning the world for two years about the approaching catastrophes that may unfold during late 2011 through 2012.

Calling it a “once in a lifetime super solar storm event,” NASA warns that killer solar flares can slam the Earth knocking out the Northern Hemisphere’s technological infrastructure and kicking everything back to the level of the late 1800s.

World defenseless against unknown, alien cloud
Terrified scientists at NASA discovered on July 14, 2010 that our system is passing through an interstellar energy cloud.

This highly energized, electrified cloud of gas is disturbing and disrupting the sun.

In conjunction with Earth’s weakening and moving magnetic shield, the world is becoming defenseless against massive solar flares and intense radiation.

NASA, the ESA and the National Academy of Science have isued an unprecedented solar storm warning for 2012

NASA, the ESA and the National Academy of Science have isued an unprecedented solar storm warning for 2012.

But what NASA and the federal government are hiding, according to Demetriev, is that the sun—and everything in our solar system—has plunged into an alien, unknown photon cloud…a belt of danger that could precipitate gigantic solar explosions, magnetic anomalies, careening cometary masses and destabilize the orbits of some asteroids.

Dr. Demetriev has revealed that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes report that the entire solar system is at risk.

Worse, Merav Opher, a NASA Heliophysics Guest Investigator from George Mason University says this interstellar energy cloud is unstable and turbulent.

interstellar cloud of electrical energy is also absorbed by the Earth, and scientist have found that it results in more earthquakes, all while dramatically affecting the weather.

Demetriev warns to prepare for the worst. “Global catastrophe! Not in tens of years from now, but in ones of years.”

What to expect?

The strong possibility of the loss of high technology, increasing superstorms, an encroaching Ice Age, more frequent and massive earthquakes and volcanic activity, tsunamis and Earth exposed to deadly radioactive baths.

>>> and yes, the internet will stop working too.

Experimental Aircraft to Go From Zero to 13,000 in Hypersonic Test Launch. Strike anywhere in less than 1 hour.

An unmanned aircraft that can travel at the breakneck speed of 20 times the speed of sound will take off Wednesday from an Air Force base in California for a test flight.

The Falcon HTV-2 is an arrow-shaped aircraft that launches on a rocket, separates and then glides at hypersonic speeds of 13,000 mph through the Earth’s atmosphere. (To put it in perspective, it would take less than 12 minutes to fly from New York to Los Angeles.)

In April 2010, the Falcon flew for nine minutes, including 130 seconds of Mach 22 to Mach 17 flight, according to DARPA, the military's research arm

The flight overview looks something like a rocket launch. The aircraft takes off in a rocket and eventually breaks free. It re-enters the Earth’s upper atmosphere and eventually evens out, like jet in flight. Eventually, the aircraft takes a nose dive into the sea near Kwajalein Atoll. In all, the Falcon HTV-2 would have flown 4,000 miles from its original take off at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The goal of the project is to eventually enable the U.S. military to strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

GM a Chinese company? Builds, sells more cars in China than in USA.


Auto sales in China last year 2010 climbed 32 percent to 18 million vehicles.

Nasa warns solar flares from 'huge space storm' from intense solar flares will cause devastation

widespread power blackouts and be left without critical communication signals for long periods of time, after the earth is hit by a once-in-a-generation “space storm”, Nasa has warned.

Are intense sun eruptions caused by interstellar belt of energy? next article next.
when? End 2011, 2012 or 2013. A perfect cover for HAARP atack, destruction of enemies?

National power grids could overheat and air travel severely disrupted while electronic items, navigation devices and major satellites could stop working after the Sun reaches its maximum power in a few years.

Senior space agency scientists believe the Earth will be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares after the Sun wakes “from a deep slumber” sometime around 2013,

bolt of lightning” and could cause catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken.

Scientists believe it could damage everything from emergency services’ systems, hospital equipment, banking systems and air traffic control devices, through to “everyday” items such as home computers, iPods and Sat Navs.

Due to humans’ heavy reliance on electronic devices, which are sensitive to magnetic energy, the storm could leave a multi-billion pound damage bill and “potentially devastating” problems for governments.

We know it is coming but we don’t know how bad it is going to be

It will disrupt communication devices such as satellites and car navigations, air travel, the banking system, our computers, everything that is electronic. It will cause major problems for the world.

“Large areas will be without electricity power and to repair that damage will be hard as that takes time.”

Every 22 years the Sun’s magnetic energy cycle peaks while the number of sun spots – or flares – hits a maximum level every 11 years

A more likely scenario was that large areas, including northern Europe and Britain which have “fragile” power grids, would be without power and access to electronic devices for hours, possibly even days.