Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Poisoned food, no healthcare, why are Ameticans least healthy?

Food 911 - Corporations poisoning the nation.

Mad free runaway market. Poison system poisoning a nation.

They make you sick, then milk you for cash via racket scam health medical patchwork.

They serve and sell you poisons and unhealthy food. Why? To make morey money - unhealthy free-of-sanity profit only corrupted market.

US government subsidized poison unhealthy foods/diets. HCFS, aspartame, wheat, soy, corn. Almost fully genetically modified now.
US gov/system RUNS ON, IS a definition of corruption. An organised sellout of reason, truth, sanity.

Unelected and unelectable corporations rule and own and corrupt and poison everything. ...

Why Are Americans Less Healthy? -

Read this article very well.
Between watching commercials - a silly business propaganda mind brain pollution junk.

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